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Askesis PsychConsult Document Management Case Study


Systems Imaging is a PsychConsult Provider

PsychConsult Provider® is used extensively by behavioral health and social service organizations to integrate their clinical workflow and revenue cycle: from the initial patient intake and appointment scheduling through the receipt of payment for services. However, external documents from other providers and patients' insurance companies still present a paper challenge for these organizations. ApplicationXtender for PsychConsult Provider provides integrated storage and retrieval of paper documents from within each of four critical workflow screens in PsychConsult Provider. Furthermore, not only are documents linked to specific screens in the application, but access to those documents is secured by automatic integration with PsychConsult Provider's existing security rules. Through this powerful integration, ApplicationXtender for PsychConsult provides out-of-the box document imaging for virtually any user of PsychConsult.

Document Management Solution Overview

EMC Documentum ApplicationXtender Document Management Software

ApplicationXtender (AX) from EMC, is document management software that allows for document capture, storage and retrieval. AX is a very powerful document repository with full document indexing, searching and retrieval capabilities. AX uses industry standard, open databases to provide for easy application integration. In order to integrate with PsychConsult Provider, Systems Imaging has integrated ApplicationXtender within four critical screens in Provider's workflow: Quick Patient, Clinical Documents, Coverage Profile, and Patient Intake. If a user in Provider has the user rights necessary to be in any of these screens, they can click a button and immediately locate all scanned documents for the patient record that they viewing in Provider.

Systems Imaging Look-Up Patient Security and Integration Module™

Built-in integration along with automatic security means that you can be up and running with both the PsychConsult and ApplicationXtender databases immediately – and the imaging component is delivered to you right out-of-the box! If you already have PsychConsult, then the security and integration module means you can "bolt on" the document imaging solution without any additional steps or development time needed to link your existing PsychConsult solution with a world-class document imaging solution.

Out-of-the box integration currently works from within four important domains from within PsychConsult – Intake, Quick Patient, Clinical Documents and Coverage Profile. When a user is on a client record in these screens, they can either select a hot key, or a function icon in PsychConsult. The integration will immediately retrieve corresponding scanned client images for that client.

Integration does not stop there, however. The security profiles in PsychConsult are the same profiles used by document imaging. Users will only have access to scanned images if their security setup allows them to view corresponding client information in PsychConsult as well. All this happens automatically and in real-time. No additional administrative or IT resources are needed to set it up. It is all done with the integration, out-of-the box, and all at once.

The third important way that the integration helps is with data quality. The data used to index documents in the document imaging module is automatically kept consistent with the data in PsychConsult. When you add documents to the imaging component, data values are pulled from and checked against PsychConsult – ensuring that the data between the two systems is the same all the time. And when adding a document, a user can use a function of the integration module to "remember" the last client accessed in PsychConsult. This feature allows them to automate the indexing. With another hot key function, a document can be scanned into imaging and indexed with the last known client ID values. This further enhances efficiencies by increasing the data quality vis-à-vis reducing key stroke errors and also by saving time due to less data input effort.

Fujitsu Document Scanners

Getting started with document imaging means getting documents into your database quickly and efficiently. Fujitsu document scanners offer world-class desktop, departmental and centralized styles of scanner models. All models come with automatic documents feeders, extra long life bulbs and Kofax Virtual Rescan (VRS). VRS automatically detects and dynamically sets the optimal scanner settings for you for each and every page that feeds through the scanner!

Nexsan Archival Storage (formerly Imation/ProStor)

The Nexsan InfiniVault is an intelligent archival storage and data preservation system that retains digital assets at the lowest cost and power profile as long as is required. It reduces primary and backup storage by over 50% and lowers power consumption by 75%, and uses RDX removable disk technology to provide the performance of online storage with the economics of offline storage.

InfiniVault is designed to automate compliance for the most rigorous business rules whether driven by corporate policies, government regulations or legal requirements. InfiniVault is simple to install and easy to use. It is addressed as simple NAS storage with a "set it and forget it" user interface.

Professional Services from Systems Imaging

Systems Imaging provides all the necessary professional services to insure you have a successful implementation and a long-term solution. Our services include; analysis, software and hardware installation, integration with PsychConsult, training, and on-going support.

Askesis Document Management Benefits

  • Out-of-the box integration with PsychConsult
  • World-class document imaging
  • Fully expandable in terms of both scale and scope within your enterprise
  • Efficiency increases through automated document searching and indexing

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