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Case Study: The Ohio State University

Healthcare Claims Processing & Document Management Software Integration

PerDATUM's Prognos Case Study | Systems Imaging

Imagine that it is your responsibility to manage employee benefits for 60,000 people with 18,000 eligible for disability and worker's compensation. Then you receive 1,000 faxes every week related to healthcare claims that are in progress, and must perform the work with a staff of only five people. Additionally, one of your most experienced employees is moving to another state and she is the only one who knows your complete process. That is exactly the scenario presented to UL Laboratories (originally PerDatum, Inc.) by their client: The Ohio State University.

Workflow Automation

Automation is critical to meet the growing demands of servicing so many employees. That is where UL PureSafety Risk Management Software (originally PerDatum Prognos) offers its greatest value. Working with Mark Tochtenhagen, Ohio State incorporated UL PureSafety to handle claims processing.

UL PureSafety accepts EDI feeds directly from insurance carriers so that HR professionals can quickly access information and begin processing claims. It also provides OSHA reporting capability and injury logs to track all data related to an occupational injury or illness. However, many supporting paper documents are also necessary for HR staff to reference when processing claims. Having access to these documents at the time of claims processing offers a significant boost to claims processing efficiency. Without hesitation, Mark also decided that "image enabling" was desirable to make this a more complete solution.

Document Management Software

To explore this possibility, Mark engaged the help of the Systems Imaging team. The two companies discussed the customer's needs and developed a plan of action. The most important issue to address was the seamless integration of the imaging system within the UL PureSafety claims processing environment. To satisfy this need, the UL PureSafety and Systems Imaging's staff collaborated to combine two software tools. As a result, the ApplicationXtender document management software from EMC was integrated directly with UL PureSafety, allowing both programs to run from an ODBC compliant database. HR professionals who are working on a claim using UL PureSafety can now access all related document images at the touch of a button.

Streamlined Process & Remote Access

Once installed, the integrated imaging and claims system allows a company to capture all vital information related to an injury, categorize it, archive it, and efficiently access all associated documents via ApplicationXtender. The entire process is automated, and the system is even accessible from remote locations, allowing companies to maintain a very lean HR operation.

Recently, a key member of the OSU human resources staff moved with her family to Maryland. At first, the group's manager worried that this would adversely effect operations. However, she quickly ensured that services were not interrupted. The employee simply continued working from her new location, remaining an active contributor to the group by accessing documents and managing claims from her home office via the the internet.

"Tremendous" Efficiency Gains & Flexibility for Processing Healthcare Claims

Clients like Ohio State University's Human Resources Department have successfully implemented the combination of UL PureSafety and ApplicationXtender. "They really like the ability to stay within the UL PureSafety interface, and yet have quick access to anything housed within their imaging system. It is a real benefit to have all of your decision criteria in a single place," commented Mr. Tochtenhagen. "The efficiency gains and flexibility for processing claims are tremendous."

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