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Improve Productivity

Accelerate Business Processes

Improve Productivity with Systems Imaging

It's no longer acceptable in any business for transactions to take weeks or even days to complete. Nevertheless, when business processes still rely on paper documents, using aggressive service levels to gain a competitive edge remains out of reach.

With automated workflow, document management can accelerate business processes by enabling parallel task processing, which reduces transaction cycle time and boosts service levels. It can also eliminate the boundaries between automated processes and paper documents by integrating document images and data with downstream business systems.

Automated Workflow

Automated workflow and business rules are the tools of process automation. Workflow insures that the steps in a process are handled in the correct order. When integrated with workflow, business rules capture and enforce the business requirements of a process such as approvals, activity queue length and wait time, financial limits and thresholds, exceptions and exception routing, regulatory guidelines to name a few.

For companies that deploy a document management solution with workflow, the benefits are impressive:

  • Reduced cycle time
  • More efficient operations at a lower cost
  • An integrated view of process information
  • Greater accuracy and fewer manual processing errors
  • Improved response to compliance and litigation inquiries

Our products make the processing, storage & retrieval of information more efficient and COST LESS.

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