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Manage Risk

Secure, Store, and Retain

Manage Risk with Systems Imaging

A document management solution provides secure, high-volume storage and long-term, policy-based retention. Document management solutions enable businesses to configure document retention and disposition policies to mitigate risk, reduce costs, and meet compliance goals. These policies can be applied automatically and enforced from the solution's repository or "electronic filing cabinet" - completely behind the scenes and transparent to the users.

With these retention and disposition capabilities, businesses can manage the entire lifecycle of standard business documents, corporate records, and other information.

Improve Compliance

From Sarbanes Oxley to HIPAA to the new Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, organizations of all sizes have a need to store and manage their documents securely and efficiently. EMC's instant document management solution, ApplicationXtender, can help your business see immediate ROI simply by safeguarding and accessing records and archiving or destroying documents according to administrative, regulatory, or legal rules. EMC's instant document management solution can help:

  • Eliminate the risk of paper documents that are easily lost, misplaced, altered, or exposed inappropriately
  • Provide a verifiable audit trail
  • Enable fast and cost-efficient access to documents in the event of litigation, subpoenas and regulatory requests

EMC ApplicationXtender is an out-of-the-box solution that can be deployed quickly and produce an immediate ROI for most companies.

Our products make the processing, storage & retrieval of information more efficient and COST LESS.

We will meet with you to understand your goals, analyze your requirements and develop a customized solution.

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