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Reduce Costs

Document Management: Taking the Pain out of Paper

Reduce Costs with Systems Imaging

It costs the average office $20 to file or retrieve a document, $120 to find one that's been misfiled and $250 to recreate one. It's not using paper that creates problems, it's storing it, retrieving the information it contains, and applying consistent policies to it that cause difficulty.

In many industries, such as insurance, healthcare, financial services, and the public sector, paper still plays an important role. Firms in these industries depend upon paper documents to initiate or support many of their core activities - new account opening for example.

Yet the expense and inefficiency associated with unmanaged paper are legendary: excessive distribution and storage costs, lost documents, and time wasted filing and retrieving.

To address these challenges, document management solutions enable organizations to convert paper documents into an electronic form that can be quickly and easily accessed.

Reduce the Cost of Managing Paper

Dealing with paper documents is costly. They are expensive to move and store. Using valuable real estate to store documents - no matter how well organized - simply wastes resources. Storing documents offsite may be cheaper, but it makes them that much more difficult and time consuming to access when needed. Electronic document capture largely eliminates this problem and can slash shipping costs as well.

Paper documents also require too much manual intervention to process. Manual intervention means labor costs and process bottlenecks. The capture component of document management systems enables organizations to scan, process, and deliver important documents – and the information they contain – directly to the business systems that need them.

Our products make the processing, storage & retrieval of information more efficient and COST LESS.

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