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5 Reasons to Go Paperless in Behavioral Health

- Thursday, February 12, 2015

5 Reasons to Go Paperless in Behavioral Health | Systems ImagingHaving worked with dozens of behavioral health providers and clinicians through the years, we've discovered that the following represent 5 compelling reasons to go paperless – whether or not you've invested in electronic health/medical record (EHR/EMR) software:

1. Save Space

Scanning your client backfile of paper documents (progress notes, assessments, etc.) allows you to reclaim office space by eliminating filing cabinets, bankers boxes, file rooms, boiler rooms, and attics. You'll also avoid the costs and hassle of offsite storage.

2. Ensure a Complete Record

Once all of your old client records are scanned, document capture software also allows you to capture all incoming documentation electronically via email, fax, e-forms, and paper documents scanned by your staff.

3. Centralize Document Access

When all of your backfile and incoming documents are captured, you can access them in one central document management archive. This is especially useful for physicians and records departments needing access to clients served at remote locations, as well as when physicians want to review records from out of the office.

4. Eliminate Audit Headaches

Having a centralized document repository allows auditors to log into your document management system as a user, search and instantly find all relevant documentation. This can cut down audits from days to hours.

5. Streamline Your Back Office

The same document capture and document management software can have tremendous impact in both Accounts Payable and Human Resources, especially when combined with workflow automation. Workflow cuts down invoice processing and new employee on-boarding from weeks to hours, and gives management the visibility they need to make informed decisions.

Bonus: Seamless EHR/EMR Integration

If you use EHR/EMR software, you can access all client and back-office documents directly within your EHR/EMR interface, including Askesis PyschConsult, ClamiTrak, CoCENTRIX, Credible CCHIT, Foothold Technology, HCS Interactant, NetSmart, and SMART. Our document management software integration with EHR/EMR software is so transparent, your staff may not even know it's there.

Easier than You Think...

Going paperless is easier than you think, is far less costly than it used to be and allows all of the following agencies to provide better quality care for their clients instead of being bogged down in paperwork: mental and behavioral health, developmental disabilities, alcohol and substance abuse, supportive housing, employment and training, seniors, veterans, youth, and family.

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