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Improve Core Office Operations

It costs the average office $20 to file or retrieve a document, $120 to find one that's been misfiled and $250 to recreate one.

Documents and information drive an organization, and your long-term success is dependent upon your ability to control, manage, and distribute them. Without the right core office solution it's difficult to control costs, make informed decisions, efficiently process transactions, maintain regulatory compliance, and manage growth.

Systems Imaging specializes in providing affordable document management solutions for departmental operations. They provide:

  • Document Integrity: documents properly stored in the system can never be misfiled or lost
  • Document Security: stored documents can have security policies applied to them so that sensitive information can be protected
  • Document Access: any number of users can access documents from their desktops anytime they need them
  • Document Archiving: easy to setup processes for archiving documents based on predetermined criteria
  • Disaster Recovery: easy to create and maintain back up copies of critical documents providing quick recovery in the event of a disaster
  • Regulatory Compliance: provides functionality to address legal and regulatory requirements

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