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Despite the ascendancy of all things digital, paper is still the most ubiquitous medium of information exchange. The U.S. uses about four million tons of copy paper every year: that's 10,000 sheets annually for the average office worker.

It's not using paper that creates problems. But storing and retrieving paper documents, making the information they contain available to business processes, and applying consistent governance policies to them that cause substantial difficulty.

Document Management for Accounts Payable

Systems Imaging provides an affordable solution to meet the challenges of managing, controlling, and processing your accounts payable documents. By capturing documents at the beginning of their life cycle you eliminate many of the challenges associated with managing paper documents.

In addition to the significant savings that can be realized, there are other advantages associated with accounts payable automation:

  • Improved vendor and supplier management
  • Greater accuracy and fewer manual processing errors
  • Automated and accelerated invoice approval
  • An integrated view of the entire A/P process

Reduce the Cost of Managing Paper

Shifting from the manual paper processes of accounts payable to an automated electronic document management alternative leads to several immediate productivity improvements. Invoices are processed more efficiently with fewer errors as each part of the process contains checks and balances and contains automatic exception handling. Plus, staff are processing payments not rummaging through piles of paperwork.

Time savings is a major benefit of using an electronic solution. When front-end document capture is used to convert paper into electronic files, the result is the nearly instantaneous ability to track every aspect of an invoice. Physical space in the office is also conserved as paper is digitized and stored on a server and not in file cabinets.

Audit Insurance & Compliance Risk

A final key benefit that stems from automating accounts payable is the tight organization of all related AP documents for auditing purposes. All related document images are tied together via the Electronic Document Management System. That means that everything from purchase orders to delivery receipts, and check images are available instantly with a few keystrokes and clicks of the mouse.

These same features enable an organization to simplify the complicated tasks of managing compliance risk. Once documents are converted into electronic images, document management software can control retention and disposition policies, accelerating response to legal or regulatory actions.

Our Experience

Systems Imaging has the expertise to implement a Document management solution in your Accounts Payable Department. We work closely with clients to understand their business needs and minimize interruption to daily operations. Our solution can be completely integrated with existing applications.

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