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Healthcare & Medical Record Document Management

Digitize Medical Records & Claim Forms

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Managing information in a physician's office, hospital or clinic is an enormous undertaking. Every detail from lab reports, insurance claims, records releases, consent forms and more must be handled with extreme care and confidentiality. Your document management system must not only be up to the challenge, but it must provide the instant access to records that assures busy medical staff and physicians quickly receive the information they need to serve patients.

Document management software provides the information access you need to serve patients well, especially for those in the behavioral health industry. All of a patient's medical records are kept together in a single electronic repository of information about the case—letters from other physicians, x-rays, medical charts, patient correspondence and other items. And they are compatible with a wide variety electronic health/medical record (EHR/EMR) and back-office software applications you may now be using so integration of existing files and documents is easy. This centralized system is accessible by everyone involved in treating the patient.

Automatically Capture Data

Automatically identify, sort and capture data from your patient records by scanning them with capture software and eliminate the time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry, classification and indexing of patient records that often result in delays in getting critical patient information when needed. Additional benefits of automatically capturing data by scanning and capturing data from your documents:

  • Minimize time-consuming manual sorting of patient records
  • Reduce labor costs associated with manual data entry
  • Improve patient care with quick document retrieval
  • Automatically index patient records for accurate archiving
  • Decrease physical storage space and associated costs

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