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HR Automation & Document Management

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Streamlining Employee Administration

Operating a human resources department can be a costly and paper-intensive endeavor, but it doesn't have to be. Our HR Automation Solution streamlines paper-intensive processes, including:

  • New employee on-boarding
  • Benefits enrollment
  • Vacation requests
  • Any other HR process

Our HR Automation Solution is built on workflow automation software and document management software, which allows your HR staff to electronically organize, route, deliver, and archive employee documents such as resumes, employment applications, tax forms, I-9s, insurance forms, contracts, benefits enrollment forms, vacation requests, reviews, etc.

HCM/HRM Workflow & Document Management Integration

We will also integrate our HR Automation Solution with your human capital/resource management software (HCM/HRM), including Oracle PeopleSoft, ADP Vantage, Sage HRMS, Kronos, and OrangeHRM.

HR Document Scanning & E-Forms

Tired of digging through filing cabinets, bankers boxes or pulling records from offsite storage? Ask about our HR document scanning services. We can also implement a document capture software solution so that you can capture incoming paper documents with your staff, or implement e-forms to eliminate paper at the source to further streamline your HR processes.

Time & Cost Savings

By making critical documents readily available, your organization also eliminates delivery costs and time delays associated with shipping documents from different locations. Critical records can be viewed anytime: right from the desktop, browser, or even a SharePoint interface from any location. In addition, eliminating the need to file and retrieve paper will save many person-hours, and free up time for more value-added activities.

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