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Education Document Management

Education Document Management Software | Systems Imaging

Providing education includes more than classroom instruction. School districts, community colleges and universities all struggle to handle vast amount of student and staff information required to administer essential processes for schools.

Maintaining student records, testing data, staff applications, and HR forms, results in thousands of paper files that are not easily accessible, and it jeopardizes compliance with privacy laws and state and national regulations.

Systems Imaging provides complete document management solutions that address the challenges of departments within individual schools and throughout school districts, from document scanning services and capture software to workflow automation and document management software.

Our Education Experience

Systems Imaging works closely with and has deployed numerous ApplicationXtender solutions within higher education institutions – see how we integrated EMC ApplicationXtender document management software with UL PureSafety to automate healthcare claims processing at The Ohio State University. Our document management systems typically address student records, financial aid, accounts payable and invoice processing requirements.

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Case Studies

North Allegheny School District Case Study | Systems ImagingNorth Allegheny School District

The North Allegheny School District was established in 1954 and has become one of the largest school districts in the state of Pennsylvania. Over 35,000 student transcripts are stored in several filing cabinets far from the Guidance Department. Each week several requests are made from former students to obtain their transcripts. This is a very cumbersome and time consuming process for the staff in this department. They have to search, fax or copy and then re-file the transcripts. Additionally they were running out of storage room. North Allegheny reached out to Systems Imaging for a solution to automate the storage and retrieval of their records.


The Ohio State University & PerDATUM's Prognos

PerDATUM's Prognos Case Study | Systems Imaging

Imagine that you are tasked with managing the employee benefits for 60,000 people. Of these around 18,000 are eligible for disability and worker's compensation. You receive about 1000 faxes each week related to claims that are in progress, and must perform the work with a staff of only five people! Added to that, one of your key employee s is moving to another state. She is the most experienced person you have, and the only one who knows your complete process. That is exactly the scenario that was presented to PerDatum, Inc. by their customer - Ohio State University. Immediately, you may recognize that automation is critical to meet the growing demands of servicing so many employees. That is where PerDATUM can help. Working with Mark Tochtenhagen, this customer incorporated PerDATUM's PROGNOS Software. PROGNOS is a software solution for safety, workers' compensation, risk management, and occupational health care professionals.


Client Solutions

Client Solutions from Systems Imaging