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Financial Services Document Management

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Document management solutions address the challenges of credit unions, regional banks and thrift institutions. We scan their paper documents and eliminate bottlenecks to promote faster processing times, improved customer service, and better allocation of resources.

With document management software, financial institutions can process loan applications electronically. Employees can view loan documentation quickly and easily from their desktops or over the Web, and work with colleagues to speed business decisions.

Provide Secure Access to Documents

Document management software provides a single point of secure access to customer, staff, and operational information. Authorized personnel can view records within seconds and route documents through workflows and review cycles as needed. Any kind of information, including checks, customer correspondence, contracts, and more-can be managed. Additionally, multiple departments can access different applications and data types, reducing the need to manually search for and handle documents.

Mortgage & Title Documents

Document imaging software is the ideal solution for the mortgage processing and title insurance business. Store everything electronically including appraisals, credit reports, escrow deposit closing fee reports, home inspections, title insurance papers, surveys etc. Hardcopy attachments are scanned and indexed into the file through a simple process that takes just seconds. All files are easily accessible and can be worked on by multiple staff members simultaneously. There's no longer a need to maintain banks of file cabinets bulging with mortgage and title files. You can improve productivity, reduce office space requirements and serve clients better.

Our Experience

Systems Imaging has extensive experience implementing document management software in large credit unions, title insurance and mortgage processing companies to manage the large volume of paper transactions and number of users with access to these applications. We will integrate this solution with your existing processes to provide very seamless and efficient workflows. Click here to read a case study on our client, Clearview Credit Union.

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