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Local and municipal governments use an inordinate amount of paper, even more than large corporations who themselves consume an enormous amount of paper each year. Between multi-hundred page reports, legislative bills, court documents, correspondence and mass-routings to everybody in the office and doing much of the work in triplicate, the paper use can be staggering. Now, multiply the paper used by one area of government by all the departments in government and you have a staggering amount of paper use. If there was ever an entity crying out for document management, it is local and municipal government.

Share Information Across Departments

A government wide, department wide or even agency wide, Document Management System would eliminate duplication of information in multiple areas of the government, no matter how far apart they are geographically. For example, Building Department Permit information would be electronically housed in a single repository that all authorized users with a need to see and/or use could access it from anywhere - think of the value to the Tax Authority located in another building. And, there is no problem integrating information that's already been stored.

Manage Documents

In short, a document management system can help departments of the government work better together, share information and be more efficient. It can also eliminate paper use saving paper and the environment. Several types of documents you can manage at the City/County/Municipality levels are:

  • Technical Manuals
  • Employee/Department Handbook
  • Emergency Medical Manuals
  • Employee/Department Manuals
  • Birth Certificates
  • County License, Diplomas and Transcripts
  • Driver Licenses
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Divorce Certificates
  • Council minutes and agendas
  • Passport
  • Immunization Cards
  • Police Clearances
  • Building Permits
  • Death Certificates
  • Medical Reports

Our Experience

Systems Imaging has a long record of assisting State and Local Government agencies with their document management challenges. From Public Works Departments, to the Register of Wills, and Treasury Departments, document scanning, workflow and electronic document storage will help reduce costs, enable compliance and provide disaster recovery. Click here to read a case study on our client, Beaver County.

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