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Non-Profit Workflow Automation & Document Management

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Investing in workflow automation and document management software makes sense for any organization. But when it's imperative to save and stretch every penny to benefit a deserving cause, it's critical to find a solution that allows staff to maximize their productivity and save money.

See what we did for the Alliance for Infants & Toddlers (AFIT)

Document Scanning & E-Forms

Beginning with Systems Imaging's document scanning service and/or document capture software and e-forms, paper documents can be transformed into electronic data, processes can be completed faster with less resources, saving time and money.

Non-Profit Document Scanning & Workflow Benefits

  • Electronic images make documents easier to access and search, improving compliance or regulatory actions
  • Reduce office supply expenses by saving on paper, printing, faxing, copies, shipping and postage, etc.
  • Minimize office space expenses by decreasing file cabinets, and enabling employees to work virtually
  • Improve service to third party vendors as well as to charitable subjects

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Client Solutions

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AFIT Case Study