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Document Management Strategy Phase Two


Phase 2: Integration | Document Management Strategy | Systems Imaging

In many cases, content management solutions must be integrated with existing business applications and processes. Systems Imaging specializes in developing solutions that significantly automate business processes thru integration services.

Some of the types of integration we have done include:

  • Claims Processing with 'Prognos':
    The Application Extender Imaging Software was integrated directly into a claims processing software called 'Prognos' allowing both products to run from an ODBC compliant database. Users who are working on a claim with Prognos can now access all related images at the touch of a button. See case study...
  • Case Management with 'PsychConsult Provider':
    PsychConsult Provider is used extensively by behavioral health and social service organizations to integrate the clinical workflow and revenue cycle: from the initial patient intake and appointment scheduling through the receipt of payment for services. However, external documents from other providers and patients' insurance companies still pose a paper challenge for these organizations. ApplicationXtender for PsychConsult Provider provides integrated storage and retrieval of paper documents from within each of the critical workflow screens in PsychConsult Provider So, not only are documents linked to specific screens in the application, but access to those documents is secured by automatic integration with PsychConsult Provider's existing security rules. Learn more ...
  • Increased Efficiency in Manufacturing with Automated Printing
    Metals USA is one of the top 10 metal service center companies in North America, having approximately $1.8 billion in sales per year. With over thirty plants across the United States, they inventory, sell, and process a wide variety of alloy grades and shapes of carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel. Metals USA must store thousands of "heat reports" on the metal they sell to their customers in order to prove the quality of the steel. All heat reports are scanned and indexed into ApplicationXtender. Customers routinely call Metals USA for copies of these heat reports. Due to the high volume of customer requests, Metals needed an automated solution to search and print the heat reports out of ApplicationXtender and deliver them to customers.


Systems Imaging provides complete installation of all components to your document management solution. All necessary software and hardware is obtained and the system is setup and configured according to the design specification. The system is shipped directly to the client site or staged in our office. All of the components are then thoroughly tested and the system is put into production mode.

A Systems Imaging specialist will meet with you to understand your goals, analyze your requirements and develop a customized solution. We look forward to working with you.

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