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OnBase AnyDoc

OnBase AnyDoc | Document Capture Software

Systems Imaging is one of the leading OnBase AnyDoc capture software integrators in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and beyond. OnBase AnyDoc streamlines processes by automatically classifying your important documents and extracting critical information that fuels your business, without manual data entry. From invoices to healthcare claims, OnBase AnyDoc can be beneficial for any organization in any industry and across departments.

Document Capture Benefits

OnBase AnyDoc empowers staff to work faster and more efficiently by automating previously manual tasks, improving service and reducing costs across the organization. The benefits of a data capture solution include:

Reduced Costs

  • Reduce labor costs associated with shipping documents across the country & manually keying data into your systems
  • Eliminates the cost & space of storing hard copy documents in filing cabinets & etc.
  • Paper & data capture are stored in a single electronic location
  • Automates data validation reducing costly mistakes
  • With accurate information immediately in hand, staff is assured that the payments are made accurately and on time

Accelerated Critical Processes

  • With fewer touch points through your organization, important information gets into your employees' hands faster
  • Automatically pushes updated, accurate information into your back-end systems ensuring employees have the information they need whenever and wherever they need it
  • Reduces the time spent searching for content, and also the time spent reviewing and correcting it

Optimized Workforce to Improve Service

  • With previously manual efforts automated, you can relocate staff assigned to those jobs across the organization or to higher-value projects within the department
  • Staff can access the information they need faster, allowing them to better assist those you serve

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