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AnyDoc Claims | Document Capture Software

Sick of the massive amount of healthcare claim forms hitting your company each and every day? Tired of wasting countless hours manually entering all the vital data off these forms? In no other industry is the collection of data more critical. But at the same time, data collection of healthcare claims is inherently difficult and expensive.

Automate all your healthcare claims processing utilizing AnyDoc CLAIM from AnyDoc Software. AnyDoc CLAIM is a complete start-to-finish claims processing solution that allows you to automatically feed accurate claim data into your adjudication system and turn your claims around within hours instead of days.

Reduce and even eliminate your need for manual data entry while doubling, tripling or even quadrupling your productivity levels while maintaining up to 100% data accuracy.

With AnyDoc CLAIM you immediately reduce the costs associated with processing your incoming HCFA/CMS-1500s, UN04s and dental claim forms by more than 60% per claim. Multiply that by the millions of forms you receive annually and you quickly begin to see benefits that go well beyond its inherent speed and accuracy.

AnyDoc CLAIM can even identifiy document set and multi-page images. When a document contains both forms and attachments, common with HCFA/CMS-1500s, AnyDoc CLAIM saves all attachments with the corresponding claim through all stages of the process, from scanning to capture to storage.

AnyDoc CLAIM has been specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of these specialized healthcare forms. Medical claims involve a variety of data from medical procedures (CPT codes) and cause of illness (diagnosis codes) to patient ID number. These must be cross-validated against data tables that are often updated daily. Let AnyDoc CLAIM look up the physician ID number in your existing database and automatically translate it into the doctor's information for your records.


  • Minimize Manual Data Entry
  • Boost Productivity
  • Reduce Processing Costs
  • Increase Data Accuracy
  • Improve Turnaround Time
  • Store Full Color Images
  • Standardize with EDI Output

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