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Formatta Product Suite

Formatta | Electronic Forms (E-Forms) Software

Replace Paper Forms, Create & Manage Digital Versions, & Redefine Efficiency

Formatta is a comprehensive and versatile suite of electronic forms (e-forms) that can transform any paper-driven forms process into an electronic, paperless one. Formatta's components: Designer, E-Forms Manager, iFiller and Filler; work together seamlessly, empowering you to:

  • Design and create electronic versions of paper forms
  • Publish and manage the forms securely
  • Complete forms online or offline and submit them anytime
  • Distribute forms and notify others as part of any process
  • Output forms and share data with other systems


The benefits and uses are endless, as you are able to collect accurate, complete and validated data electronically and put it to work immediately across your company:

  • Create paperless, collaborative and secure electronic forms-driven processes
  • Easily create and publish new e-forms and convert existing (paper or electronic) ones that retain their original structure
  • Capture correct and complete data the first time, every time
  • Extend access to forms across the enterprise and to authorized third parties like partners and customers
  • Seamlessly integrate forms with business applications and content and document management systems, including EMC ApplicationXtender
  • Enable automatic data updates and document archiving in those systems — no manual steps required
  • Improve governance of government-mandated forms, such as I-9s, W-4s and all other documents
  • Support all major compliance and security mandates
  • Increase visibility and accountability by tracking forms throughout their life-cycle

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