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Pittsburgh Document Scanning Service

Document Scanning Services from Systems Imaging

For those needing to scan a high-volume of documents or film but are are not ready to invest in capture software and scanning hardware, you can outsource this headache to us. Whether you need to convert a large backfile of documents or have ongoing imaging requirements, we can do it all for you.

What We Scan & How We Work

We offer full-service document scanning and conversion services for organizations in Pittsburgh and beyond. We scan paper documents, engineering drawings and other large/wide format documents, microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards—you name it and we'll scan it.

Typical scanning service applications include:
  • Paper documents converted into PDF file format
  • Manuals and research information put on CD-ROM with full-text search capabilities
  • Surveys, reports and financial data converted to ASCII or database formats
  • Contracts, legal documents, books and educational materials saved in word processing formats
  • Any case file, customer or patient record can be converted into searchable, digital images

We charge on a per-page basis and provide your document images and data in the electronic file format of your choice. If you want something more powerful and convenient, then we can upload your documents to document management software or a cloud-based solution.

Take It One Step Further...

We do the following in addition to document scanning:

  • Automatically extract critical data from your documents
  • Maintain the data in your own customized database application that we can design based on your requirements
  • Provide periodic and on-demand reports on the data
  • Electronically store your documents and make them available on a secure website (if you don't want your own cloud)
  • Store the paper documents for you

This is like having your own virtual data entry, document imaging and processing department. we will meet with you to understand your goals, analyze your requirements and develop a customized solution.

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